Why my content is more important than the look of my website

I work with many companies to help them improve their websites in general.

What are the results that your website wants to achieve?

For me it is clear, all websites should aim to generate more business for the company.

7 Results that your business should achieve for your website

At Strateyee we implement stratetegies that help businesses to increase sales, to achieve this we have to make sure that the strateyees that we follow will offer the following results to the clients that we have in our digital marketing agency:

1. Having a strong and powerful website
2. Achieving an attractive look that represents an engaging and confident image of the company
3. Having a site that is responsive in all different platforms (including mobile and tablets)
4. Improving the search engine results for relevant keywords (higher ranks in Google)
5. Generating great results from your “Calls to action”
6. Increasing leads and brand awareness
7. Increasing sales and revenue

To achieve this we have to create a set of steps to follow between point number 1 and point number 7 because a powerful and strong website is the key element for increasing sales and revenue for the business.

The most important thing in digital marketing is to connect all the dots to achieve the results.

What does this mean for your business?

Pretty website VS Good Content

It means that having a pretty website is not enough, having a responsive website is not enough you need to connect all the dots that will give you a powerful and strong webpage. A powerful and strong pages is not based only in how it looks, it requires great content. Ask anybody who has had a pretty website for more than 1 year if that has given them the results that they wanted if their content is poor.

Real Example

I have heard different business coaches say that it all depends on the type of website that you want and that it depends on the results that you want to achieve that sometimes pretty websites are okay and content is not that important.

Let’s go to a specific example:

This is an events company that has spent a lot of money creating a pretty website, they have lots of flash and animimation and interesting pictures there. It looks very professional so they are happy because if their potential clients visit their website they have a good impression of what they do. What this company’s managers had to understand is that they are missing out on business opportunities because their “pretty” website is not ranking anywhere for the keywords of the services that they offer. For me this website is not giving them the extra business that could be generating by itself just by having good content and the right SEO strategy. This business managers believe that producing content is a waste of time and they think it is better to spend their efforts doing sales. The sales activity will never substitute any other marketing activity (in my personal point of view) but that sales activity has to be part of a general marketing strategy that in my experience should definitely include the power of digital marketing.

Imagine this business had more qualified leads generated by their website, the results could only be more sales and revenue (with less physical effort).

Your webdesigner should assist your business with content production

I understand that producing content is time consuming but it is worth doing the effort. Be careful if you are hiring a web designer who wants all the content from you and is not willing to help you produce it, the chances are that either he doesn’t want to get involved with the project or that he doesn’t understand about SEO. A good webdesigner should be helping you to produce the content that will bring the results that your company needs.

A pretty design is not enough, you need good quality content to achieve the results (more leads, more sales) that you want from a website.

5 Reasons Why content is important

1. Search engignes are only recommending websites in their organic search that do offer good quality content
2. Good content is the key element for having a powerful and strong website
3. If your content is strong you position your business as an expert in your industry
4. Your website will have more visitors because what your offer is valuable
5. Good content is the only way how you can be found by Search Engines (Google)

Your good content will produce better results for your company

graph where content increases sales

One last thought about having only a pretty website

A pretty website is part of the content, it is part of how you present the image of your company. Pretty things matter in web but it is just another element, it is not the only one.

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