How to get my website to appear in the first pages of Google in less than 100 days

Today is the 10/December/2013 I am still developing the initial content of this website ( that is the foundation for the launch of my future company that aims to help businesses to increase their sales through the development and implementation of marketing strategies that work. Our marketing strateyee’s have a very strong focus on the digital side because it is proven that internet marketing works.
How to get a top rank in Google in 100 days
This post is not about promoting my business, this post is about creating a record of the results that I am getting for my own business to be able to record and track the strategies that I will follow. I believe that you have to preach what you say. If I am in the business of helping other businesses to use the internet to increase their sales and revenue I should be able to do the same with my own business. This is why I will be sharing the results that I have achieved on my website because I really want to be accountable for my results.

Sharing my real story

This is the real story of the strategies that a business owner of a new business that is not even launched will follow to get her website ranking in the first pages of Google. This story is my story, I have more than 10 years of experience working with websites, optimizing content for other companies and for my own blogs. Today I have decided to set up a business that will help business managers to increase sales and revenue using the power of the internet. I work with business managers on daily bases and it is very sad for me to notice that most of them don’t have a clue of how they can improve the bottom line results of their company just by implementing the right digital marketing strategies.

I am going to share the story of the things that I would have to do in the next 100 days to start ranking in Google to start generating leads for my new digital marketing agency.

As business managers we have to reshape the way to think about giving away our knowledge. I have tested it and top leaders do it all the time: the more you give, the more you receive and giving is sharing what we do, what our experiences are, tips that help our clients, caring about our costumers is what we need to do in this digital world.

Business Managers have to understand that having a digital marketing strategy is a key factor for the success of their business

There is one lesson that I have learned in last 6 months of research that I have done with conversations that I have had with business owners and managing directors of small, medium and even large size organisations:

Business managers are not doing what they have to when it comes to digital marketing because they don’t know how to and they don’t understand how and why they should do it. I decided that it is my job if I have an MBA, I am a business coach and I have more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and digital commerce to help those business managers. To do this I have to do a few things:

1. I have to explain business owners and business managers why they have to go digital
2. I have to tell them what are the right strategies to follow
3. I have to teach them which strategies are a waste or money and which strategies will represent a return on investment

There is a big truth about the online world, it is hard, it is complicated, it changes all the time and not even the so called gurus know it all because it is changing constantly. The changes are not only based on technology changes they are also affected by consumer behaviours that can’t be predicted because they evolve constantly.



It is hard to understand what consumers want and what strategies to follow in the online world
I have to be honest with you, not even people that do Search Enginge Optimisation and Blogging as a full time job understand it all, not even the big players can fully predict consumer’s behaviours. Just to share a real story of how I know this I can tell you that I am a Google Adsense publisher and as a publisher I receive direct training from Google and I get to attend conferences and seminars that Google produces for their publishers. I have been lucky to be invited to a few of these seminars where other Adsense Publishers attend, in these seminars I get to talk to other publishers and many struggle with their own strategies even when they produce content as a way to earn money, they are in the online business and they don’t get it all. With this same program with Google I get to attend one-on-one consultations and I have had an opportunity to discuss different things about consumer’s behaviours and strategies that could work well for monetizing. In these conversations I have been told by the Google Staff that Google doesn’t have any plans to do this or that and a few weeks later they start implementing them because that is where the markets are going. So even the big players like Google have had to adapt their strategies to cope with the emerging needs of the digital consumer.


I understand that for business managers it is confusing to start thinking in terms of SEO, Alexa, HTML5, Responsive Websites, CMS, CSS, Blogs, SERPS, etc.

Business managers are good for managing their business: managing the operations, managing their staff and managing their relationships with their clients. The truth for business managers is that consumers want to have a relationship with your business online. As a good business manager you don’t need to understand it all, you don’t need to know html programming but you do need to understand that your clients, prospects and leads want to see you as a leader in the digital world too.

In an era of iPhones, iPads, Androids, Wi-Fi, Facebook and Twitter your business needs to take action and be online. After all you need to have a presence where your consumers are and consumers are online now (regardless of their age and social demographics).

My 100 days experiment to get my own website ranking in the first pages of Search Engines

This is not the kind of article that will be created and published in one day. I will be coming back to share more of the things that I have been doing to increase my rankings appear on the first pages of Google (and therefore increase my sales).

The objective of this experiment is to become a leader in my niche market but to make it easy I want this website to get a position in the first pages of the search results.

Day 1. Get started

It is all about doing something

I spend a lot of time doing research and planning the best strategy to follow. At this stage I have a clear idea of what is what I want to do with my business but I am still in the period of refining my thoughts and my ideas. I was reading a very interesting blog that is more like an encyclopaedia about Search Engine Optimisation. The article was amazing with great quality content that offers a lot to learn from. I probably spent about 1 hour reading and admiring that great content production and wishing that I could be able to produce something similar… then I had this thought:

If instead of reading and admiring what other bloggers produce I sit down and start typing my chances of achieving my goal of being found by search engines increase.

I thought that I just had to move from wishing to doing.

The lack of time normally puts me off writing because I am waiting to have the ideal time to flow in the way I like but I have learned that ‘the ideal time’ is unlikely to happen and if I continue waiting for it my chances of achieving my goal vanish just because if I don’t get the perfect moment I won’t do a thing. Today, I am following a different approach, I am here producing regardless of the imperfections of the situation and so far I have achieved to produce the introduction of an article of more than 500 words (what I believe is not bad for an introduction).

I am going to work with small objectives that are achievable. The objective of the day is to get started and to start measuring my results. I have started with my first long blog post (even if this is just a small part of it). With the measuring I am including a copy of my Alexa Results as of today.

Alexa Rankings for a website that has just started is a website that has just started and we are measuring the results in 100 days

Day 2. Producing a list of the things that I would have to do

It is only a few hours after I got started yesterday night. I went to bed thinking of all those many things that I have to do to achieve my goal. I am excited and positive about achieving the results. It has become a challenge of walking the walk and talking the talk. 100+ ideas came to my mind of the steps that I have to follow in these 100 days 99 days (now) of hard work. The step for today will be a simple and obvious one: writing the list of all the things that I have to do to accomplish the results that I want to see on SERPS.

[Commment: I am going to start using italics for those words that require a further conversation because they are relevant to achieving SEO results. Maybe creating a glossary of terms would be a good idea and I am going to start creating it today too.]

Going back to my list this is what it includes:

List of the things that I need to do to get my website ranking in the first pages of Google
in less than 100 days

The order that this list follows is based on the things that I believe are more important and urgent to do.
Different SEO experts would recommend different strategies but for this experiment I am going to follow what I believe is better for me based on my 10+ years of experience with websites and search engine optimisation.

1. Decide on main services (This affects SEO results because I would have to select main keywords)
2. Start list of glossary of terms
3. Plan my Freebie
4. Set up my email marketing tool
5. Design my logo
6. Set up my website template
7. Set up my social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest)
8. Integrate my Google Analytics Code
9. Include my images for key pages
10. Create personal profile
11. Create links in navegation menu
12. Create code to follow social media networks on website
13. Integrate code for social sharing
14. Optimize website to run faster
15. Start backlinking strategy
16. Start publishing on Facebook
17. Start publishing on LinkedIn
18. Start Tweeting
19. Invite friends to follow me on Facebook
20. Start publishing on LinkedIn
21. Integrate LinkedIn on my profile
22. Pay ads to generate the likes on Facebook
23. Pay ads to generate the likes on Linked In
24. Create Google + profiles
25. Start publishing on Google Adsense
26. Add contact numbers to website
27. FAQ’s about business: 5 questions
28. Set up freebie delivery

++++About Producing Content +++++
So far I have written 2112 words for this post, today I have invested 1.5 hours and yesterday I spent about half an hour so if you sit down and produce content for a couple of hours you would be able to produce a lot.

Tip: you can produce more content if you share your real stories and you know well the topic that you are talking about.

Day 3.

Define the most important things to do and the ones that you can do easily

Today I am very busy with my client’s projects and I know I won’t have much time to work on my business website, as always clients come first. But…. because I don’t want to stop the flow of this experiment and I really want to continue with the momentum of the project I am going to set up the activity for the day. Even if you do a small little thing you are progressing, I have talked before about the problems with waiting for the perfect time to come. I know it won’t come but I still want to keep up my efforts to improve my rankings.

The activities for today are:

1. Get some print screens of my website ranking before I create my social media profiles to get to compare how creating social media profiles affects your search engine results. Share the story of how social media affects your rankings as a blog post. By doing this I will start blogging as of today. [ completed ]
2. Create one of my social media pages. Yesterday I created my strategy for social media (I will talk about this later). [completed – it took me more than 1 day because I was busy with other projects – clients tend to come first but I have completed my LinkedIn Profile ]
3. Select the the wordpress theme for my website. I would have to do some research about how the ones I like perform for SEO.
4. Install Google Analytics on the website to start tracking

###So far I have been able to create more than 2501 words for this experiment and it has been easy, sharing is a great method to produce good content, you share, you learn and you get motivated.

Activity 1. Print screen of my website rankings in Google.

I used strateyee as my keyword because this is the name of my company and the name of my website and even getting ranking for your own company name can be a battle. I will talk about this later with some examples. You will see how social media and other websites producing pages with your company’s website affects your search engine results.

Strateyee is in the top 3 positions of Google so far.

google results

this is an example of the top 5 google rankings that my website has before implementing social media strategies and creating profiles that have higher rankings.

Day 4. Create Logo

I have created my beautiful logo.

Day 5. Start Blogging

I have started blogging about the interesting things that this website is experiencing.

Day 6. Change to a more powerful wordpress theme

I have installed a more powerful wordpress theme and I am working on the optimisation.

Day 7. Installing Google Analytics

Google Analytics is installed

Day 8. Verify account with Google Webmaster tools

This task has been completed too.

Day 9. Producing relevant and interesting content

I have been producing images and text that are relevant to what my potential clients need from me for their businesses.

Day 10. Improving meta tags

I have improved the meta tags of my main pages.

Day 11. Certify website with Alexa

I have certified my Strateyee website with the Alexa tools

Day 12. Make changes to my navigation menu

I have installed some widgets to make changes to the navigation menu.

Day 13. Play with my website on my mobile phone

By visiting my website from my mobile phone I have identified some things that I have to change or improve to achieve better results.

Day 14. Working on the content of my freebie.

I decided the target market for my freebie (business owners and business managers) and I have also started working with the headers of the content of my freebie. It is going to be a book that explains why business managers should have a digital marketing strategy and what are the main elements of an effective online strateyee.

Day 15. Monitoring results

I have also been monitoring my results, these includes my ranks in Alexa and Google. I have also been monitoring the number of backlinks that is receving. When I have time I also spend some minutes doing research of good websites where I can do some backlinking.

Day 16. Changes in content

I have also been doing some changes to my content to make it more specific to what this business is about. With my experience I have learned that the more specialized you are the better it is to position your companay (in general) and to get a better rank for specific keywords in the search engine results. My list of services included a wide variety of marketing services (some of them were not very specific to digital marketing). I decided to delete them for now. Although I am capable of providing them I want to position this business as a leader in digital marketing. That is what I know what to do best and better than my competitors.

Day 17. Monitoring competitors

I have spent some time monitoring what my “main competitors” are doing and how they are presenting their offer. This has helped me to define a better way to present my offer and areas of expertise. There are good ideas that you can always get from other businesses who are in your industry.

Day 18. Constant training

This is something that I am writing here as an activity for day 18 but it is indeed something that I try to do everyday. In digital marketing and SEO you have to stay updated every single day or you risk to become obsolete.

Day 19. Created my Pinterest Account

I have given an extra step by creating my pinterest account, I have started pinning some pictures and creating some boards.

Day 20. Blogging

I have created some interesting blog posts with relevant info for my keywords and for the core business of my company.

Day 21. Doing more research

Because I am so passionate about this SEO topic I have been doing some research. I have been investing some time trying to find good websites to create relevant backlinks.

Analysis Results

So far my results are going fantastic, my Alexa Rankings are really impressive, in only 21 days I have achieved great results. I have not finished all the content and the pages that I believe that are ideal to say that this website is ready and I am already ranking good.

There are other things that I still have to do in the following days:

1. Include my telephone number
2. Include a contact form
3. Include invite to receive freebie
4. Finish freeby and get it ready to go
5. Upload logo
6. Include more interesting fonts

Day 22. Define the pages for each of my services

I had to make a list of the services that I will be offering. I am talking about my offer of digital marketing services here. I included them in my about page and later I will link back the pages from there once the pages are published.

Day 23 and 24. Develop the content of each of the pages for my services

I am working on the content for each individual page for my services such as SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Day 25. Work on my navigation menu

I have to work on my navigation menu listing my digital marketing services and the 3 options that I have such as coaching, training and agency.

— so far I have more than 3457 words in this post and I am have only advanced 1/4 of what I have to do to achieve my goal of ranking in google in the first pages in less than 100 days. My

rankings are going good and it looks like I am getting visitors —

— my offer has also been evolving, by developing my content I am working on my strengths and defining what is what I do best that will benefit my clients and actually help them to achieve their goals. It was only through content development that I came up with the idea of offering 3 different services: coaching, training and agency. This represents now for me 2 great things: 1 is more work and 2 is a clear path of what I should do to really achieve my goal. —

— My goal has become more clear, my goal is not only a business goal of achieving my targets, it has helped me define how it is that my business can make a difference by using what makes me different to my competitors.

Questions about sharing my story

I have been asked a few questions about this:

1. Karina, you are not scared that people will copy what you do instead of paying you to do it for them.

No, I believe in sharing. I believe in demonstrating that real work brings results.
I think I can help business owners to shape their vision about the digital marketing strategies that they have to implement.
I believe that business managers can see that I know what I do and they could contact me if they need help.
+ what I am going to do it is going to take me 100 days because I know what I am doing and I can do it fast, for some business managers this same thing that it will only take me a few hours could take them days and days because there is a lot of knowledge behind it and a lot of things to do that require the experience of the craft.
I want to contribute, I believe that by spreading the word of why and how any given company can implement a strategy to achieve results for their business utilising the digital resources that are available I add value to those business managers who are seeking for help from digital marketing agencies.
Most importantly, I believe that the era where just a website would do the job as an online strategy is part of the past. In today’s Social Media Era, businesses have to be prepared to share with our audience relevant and useful content.

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