How to develop a content publishing strategy for your Blog

This post will give you ideas to make it very simple for you to develop a content publishing strategy for your blog.

For those who are new in the business of publishing content I will answer a couple of frequently asked questions:

1. What is a content publishing strategy?

A content publishing strategy is a previously designed blue print that ideally would clearly define when and how you would be publishing your content for your blog. In other words, it is a plan of what you will be publishing online.

2. Why is necessary to have a content publishing strategy?

It is necessary so you can have a clear plan of what you are going to write about, it saves time, energy and ideally it should be aligned with your business strategy. A content publishing strategy should aim to contribute to the growth of your business.

Publishing content should not be considered as an option, it is necessary if you want to position yourself or your business as an expert in the industry that you want to dominate.

Real Example of how I created a content publishing strategy for one of my blogs

Let’s get started with one of my Spanish Blogs. This is a blog that targets women who speak Spanish. My main audience are women who live in Mexico, most of my followers are between 30 and 50 years old.

This image summarizes the 5 points to follow to correctly develop a content publishing strategy.

5 steps that you have to follow

I will talk about each of the above points and provide examples of my actual blog.

1. Start with a general brainstorm

List all the things that you believe that your audience will be interested in.


1. Beauty tips
2. Quote of the day
3. Business tip
4. Cooking and home tip
5. Home tips
6. Self-esteem & Personal development quote
7. Fashion tips
8. Exercise and weight loss
9. Travel tip
10. Love

2. Check your popular keywords

If you have google analytics installed, check what kind of keywords are driving you most of the traffic.
You will be surprised of the search queries that people use and how you can optimise your website to be found.
If you observe a topic that is popular and that is related to your core business consider writing more about it.

3. Try to start simple

Out of your topics (keywords) covered in your initial list and the popular keywords that you find in your analytics results. Try to make a shortlist of maximum 5 topics to cover.

There are 3 reasons why it is good to choose only a few words that you want to dominate.

Reason 1. For SEO depth is important. If you choose a limited number of keywords or topics you are more likely to develop deeper articles about it.
Reason 2. It would be easier for you develop a publishing strategy of a limited number of keyword.
Reason 3. It is easier to position yourself or your business as a leader in that particular small niche rather than trying to dominate the entire kingdom.

2 Simple tips to choose the keywords that you want to dominate:

Tip 1. Consider your knowledge, skills and expertise. Try to choose those topics where you can really contribute from your own experiences. If it is easy for you to talk about it, you are more likely to produce more good quality content that is unique for your readers.

Tip 2. Consider what your audience wants. This decision has to be based on your business model and your target market. Your content has to satisfy the needs and expectations of your niche market.

4. Decide on the 3 main topics and create a schedule.

For example for my Website for women I am going to choose the 3 following topics:

– Fashion & Beauty
– Love
– Self-Esteem

I decided to combine Fashion and Beauty because both of them would help women to feel good about their image.
I will include love because it is a popular topic that women always want to read about.
Self-esteem and self-confidence are the reason why this blog exists.

In general these 3 topics cover the mission of the blog:

– help women to love themselves and feel more confident
(I will cover the external image, internal issues of self-esteem and how to deal with relationships)

The topic of fashion and beauty is so broad that would allow me to include other topics such as fitness and weight loss.

One of my main goals of Planeta de Mujeres (Planet for Women) is to help women to achieve their goals in life. I believe that self-confidence is very important that is why I am going to go deep on these topics.
Other topic that is related to achieving goals is the financial independence that women need. I am not going to cover this here because I have my other blog that is very popular that covers all those tips related to starting a business.

As you can see, once you break it down to 3 simple topics it is easier to start thinking about the content that you can develop for your blog.

Once you get to this step you would be able to create a content publishing plan.

To create a content publishing plan you have to decide the frequency of your posts.

In this example I have decided that I will publish 3 different articles per week so my plan is:

Monday – Beauty Tips
Wednesday – Love
Thursday – Self-confidence and self-esteem

Why I have decided on these days to publish this content?

I have decided this because Monday is a good day to publish, people are fresh and back from their weekends ready to read new things and normally there is no much happening during the weekend.

Wednesday is in the middle of the week where we are getting tired and we want to know more about our personal life issues.

Thursday is about self-confidence and self-esteem with the idea that hopefully my readers can go for a break during the weekend and think about the things that I am sharing with them.

Now that I have decided the 3 topics that I am covering I would have to develop my plan for the next for weeks.

Beauty Tips.
Week 1. Hair Styles
Week 2. Instagram Before and After
Week 3. 10 things that will make you feel pretty
Week 4. Tone your bum

For my Self-Esteem blog of Thursdays I will do:

Week 1. Gain confidence by doing
Week 2. Nobody is perfect
Week 3. You don’t have to know it all
Week 4. You are not the prettiest

As you can see for the next month I have developed the topics that I would be covering.

Having a plan will save you lots of time and energy. You will concentrate your efforts on creating content that is good instead of wondering about what you should write about.

Go and try it! I am going to create some tools for you to use.

Do you find this content publishing tips will help you to develop your own strategy?

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