Why website’s name is not ranking #1 in Google?

Hello! I am the digital marketing expert and my website is not ranking number 1 not even for my business name (website) special keyword: Strateyee.

Strateyee is a word that I made up by combining strategy and yee (that adds the yee factor that makes the stratety work). This is just to say that it is a unique word that should not have a lot of competition but it looks like some people out there want to get the ranks for my special keyword. That is fine, I will take it okay because I know this is normal and it happens. The truth is that the digital competition is tough and the way search engines operate can be cruel but that doesn’t mean that I am not very good at what I do. In fact, I knew this was going to happen and that is why I documented the case to observe how things are behaving on SERPs (and specially for Google).

google results
this is an example of the top 5 google rankings that my website has before implementing social media strategies and creating profiles that have higher rankings.

I knew that social media profiles were going to affect the rankings but even before I created any social media profile the results have already been affected.

Let’s have a look.

Google Search Results
This is how Google is indexing “strateyee” in their SERPs before social media profiles have been indexed.

I am happy that I have been in this journey before, I know this happens.

Why this happens? because those other websites that have created a profile with information about my website have higher rankings than my website that it is brand new. The way that search engines operates gives these search engines more weight to what it actually gives to the actual website for this particular keyword.

What do I have to do know to go up over my competitors?
Going up over your competitors
I have to work on getting my website stronger to get the Search Eninges ranking my website in a better position (hopefully #1) for my very special keyword.

Can you get an idea of how hard it is to get a higher ranking for more competitive keywords, this should be an easy word with low competition.

This real example will help us go through the results that can achieved once Search Engine Optimisation strategies are applied within the website.

I have been following this case closely and nearly everyday and found that the name of my business was not on ranking #1 in the search engines. Today I did a search (by accident not by purpose) and gladly found that we are in first position for our strateyee keyword.

Some of the things that I have been doing with the webiste are:

1. Creating backlinks in relevant websites
2. Including more relevant content (text)
3. Producing great images for content
4. Optimising images for search engine
5. Updated my wordpress theme to a more powerful one

What I am doing is working. I just wish this would be the case and it will stay like this for good.

This is a copy paste of my ranking #1 in Google for my website’s name.

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