Email Marketing Campaigns Examples

From real estate to book stores. All different kinds of businesses are using email marketing as a strategy to generate more sales.

Let’s have a look to what these companies are doing in terms of email marketing. A combination of special promotions to coupon codes and special invitations are some of the strateyees followed by these marketeers.

1. Seasonal Email Marketing Campaign
email marketing campaign for b
Examples of email marketing campaigns. this is a seasonal campaign for a company that sells labels. they are promoting labels in the back to school period. Great design and great content is what this digital stratety is offering.

2. Regular email with special promotions
Special promotions like price reductions are always a good excuse for an email campaign. This is a good example of what an online book store can make. email marketing campaing

3. Emailing campaing with text only focused in content
This is a very typical campaign from an autoresponders where marketeers provide extensive good quality content with the aim to promote a product.
email campaign with only text

4. Email Campaing for a popular clothing brand taking advantage of a coupon code

This is the example of an Australian clothing brand sending an online discount coupon to generate sales.

email campaign of a clothing store

5. Special Promotions in Store and Online from big brands

This is an examples of Harvey Norman’s in-store and online special promotions.

Harvey Norman newsletter example

6. Free shipping day email marketing campaign

Offering free shipping is another strategy for email marketing and this is what is doing in this email marketing campaign.
an online campaign that offers free shipping

7. Invitation to a free seminar
This real estate business is sending an email with an invitation to a free event.
invitation to a free seminar

Most of the above are Australian Businesses but there is a couple of non-Australian businesses that are also covered in this list of examples.

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