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If you want to sell more, get more clients and increase your revenue you should really pay attention to your internet marketing strategy.

1,000s of people need your product or service right now but they don’t know about you.
Your job as a business owner or business manager is to tell the world how good you are.
You can achieve that with the power of the internet and I am here to help you.

1. I can help your business to have a strong and powerful website that attracts lots of visitors

More visitors will ultimately translate into more profits.

lots of people visiting a shopping centre

2. I can help you to enhance your business image and branding

With the help of my expert advise in web technologies your online image will create a great concept about your brand.

1 ipad and 2 smart phones

Your clients and potential clients are checking your business all the time. More people than you imagine use their mobile phones and tablets to quickly check a website or to find the businesses they are going to use for the products and services that they need.

3. Your website will be responsive on mobile phone and tablets to generate business from the fingertips of your visitors

Generate business from mobile phones and ipads.

4. Your website will appear on top positions for the keywords that matter to your business

Your business will have better rankings.

5. You will get more enquiries and sales from your website with soft digital marketing tactics

More clients will be interested in your products or services.

6. You will generate more leads and increase your brand awareness with our digital marketing strategies

Receive qualified leads enquiring about your products and services.

7. You will increase your sales and revenue by implementing proven digital marketing strategies that help.

Increase your sales.

Digital Marketing Explained for Business Managers

Are you a business owner or a business manager?

Before we go into more details about what digital marketing is and how it can help your business please allow me to make  you an easy question:


What is what you would like to achieve in 12 months time for your business?

I am not sure that even if you don’t have a very clear and specific answer for my question (since most managers struggle to answer this) that your answer includes one of the following outcomes:

  1. Increase sales
  2. Have more clients … more leads …  more prospects
  3. Increase my revenue
  4. Become a leader in the market
  5. Grow my business
  6. Achieve my targets

even if you have not yet defined a goal for your business to be achieved in the next 12 months

I am sure that you didn’t have one of the following as your main business goal.

1. I want to improve 5 my ranks on Google
2. I want mere likes on my Facebook page
3. I would like to have more visitors on my website
4. I want to have 100,000 followers on Twitter


It would be nice to have accomplished these goals but it wouldn’t really matter if your final business goals were achieved, would it?


This exercise does not intend to discourage you from believing in the secret powers of digital marketing, in fact I am a true evangelists of the advantages that the internet marketing has for any given business. However this quick exercise has the purpose of demonstrating that for all businesses the most important goal is reaching their business targets.

Shaping your business vision

Let’s say for example that this year you don’t reach your sales target but you manage to improve your digital marketing results.

Let’s assume that you achieved only 70% of your sales target but you managed to get your business found in Google, you close this financial year with 10,000 people following you on Facebook + you finish this year with 1,000 new connections on LinkedIn.  Do you think that these digital marketing and social media results will help you to accomplish your goals for the next year?

Most business managers would answer YES as an immediate answer.  My point here is: if you achieve those big numbers and the demographics of these people match your target audience then you can expect amazing results for the year next year… but…. even if you have achieved all those amazing results you can’t guarantee that your marketing will give you the success that you desire because your efforts have  failed to communicate with the audience that will buy from you.


This is why it is very important that you define a clear strategy of what us what you want to achieve with your Internet Marketing Strategies.  The first step to follow is  to identify and define your business goals before you take the steps to get results with your Digital strategies.

What I want to say here is that it is not about getting lots of likes on Facebook and lots of contacts on LinkedIn, it is about creating a real marketing strategy that could translate into sales and profits.


The Digital Big Sharks want your money

I want you to remember that the digital era has created a virtual paradise for money generation. Going digital is a most for all businesses and the big sharks are there ready to receive your money in your attempts to grow your digital presence. Yes, it is about money. Companies like Google and Facebook are competing for your dollars, these monsters want you to pay advertising and get the dollars from you. Therefore you have to be wise in the strategies that you follow to increase your sales. After all, you also want money out of these strategies. You have to be wise with the business strategies that you will follow to ensure that you increase your revenue. The tricky part with digital marketing is to increase your expenditure in a desperate aim to achieve the desired results of getting more clients, leads and increasing your sales.

Create strategies that last long.

Be careful with your strategies, make sure the results will last. Technology evolves but your outcomes have to be long lasting regardless of the changes in the digital world.

Facebook might be a current trend but having a large database of qualified leads will never be out of fahsion

The power of digital marketing

Digital Marketing is very powerful, in fact if utilised properly it can definitely become your conductor of a happy arrival to the goal line.


Why do you have to go digital

  • Because your client’s are already in the online world looking for businesses like you.
  • Because you can develop better and long lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Because you can have constant promotion of your brand through digital technologies.


You will be impressed with the stats that indicate how your potential clients are using the internet to find products and buy online.

why do you need expert advise with your online marketing strategies

Because you should concentrate on what you do good, you are the expert in your niche and you should continue improving there.
There are experts like myself who are devoted to learn and implement the best digital marketing strategies.
The digital world changes everyday, every second and if you are not a full time online marketing specialist your chances are that you are missing out on great opportunities to increase your business.
Look at this as an investment, invest your time in what you do good and invest a little bit of money that will have a fast return on investment once you achieve the results that you are expecting such as increasing your sales and number of clients.

Get help to be positioned as the best in your niche

You don’t have to be the best in your industry but you can position yourself as the best one and this will give you the results that you aim for.

I can talk about different real life examples but I like the example of cosmetic surgeons in Sydney. Cosmetic Surgery is a big business in Australia and the businesses that are getting the bigger profits are those who are investing the money to position themselves as the leaders. You don’t have to be the best cosmetic surgeon in town, but you can be the one who gets most of the clients just by advertising correctly.

A few questions about online marketing

Do you think Digital Marketing Activities can help you to achieve your bottom line?

The answer is YES, there are more than 100 things that you can do online to improve your annual revenue and the internet will make it easy for you if you know what to do or if you let me help you.

What is a good digital marketing strategy?

There are many good online marketing strategies that you can use to sell more and have more costumers. Every business is different but in general I can tell you that your business should definitely do something to:

1. be found in search engines
2. be ready for mobile
3. be ahead of your competitors
4. have constant communication with your customers
6. have a positive online image

What people think online marketing is

Most people think that an online marketing is having a website and a Facebook page. These are only elements but there is much more to do and more importantly there is much more that can be done if you really want to make your business grow.

Do you think digital is one or more of the elements below?

These are some of the common keywords that business managers think about when they are asked to define what digital marketing is:

Facebook  |  Twitter  |    Linked In  |    Pinterest
Blogs   |  Newsletters   | SEO    |  Google  |
Search Engines   |  Online Advertising   |
Social Networks   |  Mobile  Phones
Content    |  Engagement    |  Likes   |
Ranks  |   SEM    |   You Tube    |  Podcasts   |
Emailing  | Clicks   |   Social Media  |  Google+


If you were able to mention 3 or more, it means that you have an idea of how many elements are involved in an effective digital marketing strategy.

If you didn’t think of any of the words listed above you don’t have to worry too much because not even those experts who claim to know it all about digital marketing would be able to give you an exact definition.

Digital marketing is all of the above and non of the above.  The mistake that many business owners are making is that they believe that just by having one of these elements as part of their business strategy they will achieve the results that they want.

The elements of digital marketing are different to effective online marketing strategies.

An effective marketing strategy is part of a well crafted business strategy.

A tricky part here comes back to basics because some managers don’t even have clear goals.

Do you know what are the results that you are expecting from your business and marketing strategies?

Common answers:

  • increase sales
  • more clients
  • beat my competitors


If your answer is: I want to increase my sales or I want to have more clients probably you will have to invest more time defining more specific results that you want for your business to accomplish.

Once you have a clear idea on what are the kind of things that your business wants to achieve you will be able to develop an effective marketing plan that includes digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategies will help  your business if you know what is exactly what you want to achieve.

A few months ago, digital marketing was an option, an alternative for businesses to advertise and promote their products and services.
For me it is not any more an alternative, all businesses now need to have a Digital Marketing Strategy in place.

Why your business should have an online strategy

Some businesses are still reluctant to go online with their marketing strategies but the fact is that consumers are ready, consumers are online your clients make their buying decisions with the power of their mobile phones … anytime, anywhere your buyers could choose your company and even make an online transaction on the spot if you are there visible and ready.

If your company doesn’t have an online presence, your business is missing out on all those potential buyers who are ready to purchase from you.

You have to be able to tell the world about your business, about what you do best. You don’t even have to be the best in your industry but you can be the best at promoting your business online.

I have been observing in detail the evolution of digital marketing, for me it is interesting to observe that the small players with a vision have become the leaders in their industries just because they understand the power Digital Marketing.

Individual entrepreneurs have made fortunes just by exploiting the power of their digital knowledge.

Today, organisations and sole entrepreneurs who want to survive and make their business grow in a a competitive era have to implement strategies to succeed.

Digital Marketing and Social Media has given the power to the consumers, the power to have a say.

For your organisation, Digital Marketing has the power to share with the world what you do well, what your passion is, how you can help them.

The new era in marketing and advertising is forcing businesses to become engaging, this means to understand the needs of your target market.

Digital Marketing is not only advertising online

Digital Marketing is not any more about “pure advertising” and explaining benefits and characteristics, online marketing is about connecting with your audience, getting to be liked.

Once you get the “likes” from your audience your business will naturally grow, your audience will do free advertising for you.

Marketing and Business Managers face a big change in consumer behaviour that has to be understood and fulfilled. Our clients behave differently, react different to our promotions and marketing stimulus. Even the offline marketing strategies have to tap into your senses. Our job as business owners is to create emotional connections with our clients (even if you are in a boring industry).

Digital Marketing is not going on Facebook or creating a Twitter account, it is not having a blog or paying a company to do some SEO strategies for you.  Digital Marketing is more than that.  Digital Marketing requires a strategy, not only a Marketing Strategy, your organisation has to implement an overall business strategy that gives high priority to the Digital tactics.

At Strateyee what we do is help our clients who are business managers or business owners to set up a clear goal and take the necessary steps to achieve them.

All businesses are different, regardless of their size and budget at Strateyee we can help all different kinds of businesses who want to achieve better results, sell more and have more clients. We do this with the experience that we have in marketing, psychology and search engine optimisation. At Strateyee we know about effective marketing strategies that will position a business in front of their qualified customers who are ready to buy. We use a combination of strateyees that are proven to get the results that your business neeeds.

You can arrange a free coaching session

If you receive a free coaching session I will assist you with the following:

1. I will review your current online presence
2. I will set up with you achievable goals for your business
3. I will create for your specific strateyees that work

This is a real coaching session that will help you to find new doors and windows to make your business grow.

Contact me if if you want to make a booking for a free coaching session.

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